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Chapter 1: Childhood


Like many kids, I wanted to be a veterinary. I loved animals, I wanted to be a vegetarian and have a zoo in my house.

When I was 16 I became a vegetarian, but apart from a legion of canary birds –who were always named ‘Paco’ after my father- I only had a cat that disappeared within a week. I´ve never knew if the cat ran away or if she was eaten up by my neighbor´s dog.

Now, I still love animals (especially sausage dogs) and I have adopted a dog. His name is Jean Pierre :)


I also loved watching films all the time. I would play them in a loop if my parents let me. I watched from The Little Mermaid (while I sang the songs and recited the dialogues, of course) to Terminator 2 (I always wanted to be Sarah Connor) including The Exorcist, which I watched when I was alone (I only played the vomit-filled possession scenes) so that my parents could not catch me.


Of course, I loved playing with dolls too, I won’t deny it. But what I loved the most was building sets, sewing dresses for my dolls and making up stories. I would repeat them over and over again, until it was exactly the way that I wanted. It must have been fun playing with me!


Chapter 2: Adolescence


One day my father came back home with a video camera, and from that moment on it was part of my hand (like the James Woods gun in Videodrome). I wasn’t sure whether I liked being in front of the camera or behind, but step by step I found my place.


One of my favorite hobbies with my teen friends was shooting any kind of idea that came to our heads, from improvised short films to television formats, including celebrity scoops. This was the way we spent summers. Well, we also did other things typical of the age.

My friends from childhood until this day became respectable women, with serious jobs and even lives in their care!

I DIDN’T, but with the video material that I keep I could make a living out of extortion for the rest of my life.


I guess that all those were clues about my real vocation, and when I became aware that I could live doing what I considered fun (well, this statement could fill another chapter…) I decided to go for it.


Chapter 3: Youth


During my youth –the phase I still am in, by the way- I went to many music festivals, concerts, pubs and all that sort of places. I still go to music festivals and concerts, despite my back pains.


Going back to the vocation, YES: I studied Audiovisual Direction, I worked as an intern in Madrid and also in Italy (with a Leonardo da Vinci grant), I worked in a several non-audiovisual jobs, I went to Guatemala to work with children and to live in the middle of the jungle, I returned to Spain with the idea of going back to Guatemala to make documentaries, I continued working in non-audiovisual jobs, I took many courses on film edition, post-production, advertisement, interpretation, actors direction, production, etc. and then, at last, I started working in an audiovisual job: I started working on film production!


From that moment on I have worked at many production departments and production companies related to cinema, TV, documentaries, publicity, music videos, corporative contents, etc.


Nowadays, I combine my freelance production work with my own projects, in which I write, direct and produce, under the brandname La última chica (final girl), making several projects like YOU WILL NEVER BE BACK, I AM THE DARK, DEEP BLUE, ADAM PEIPER or FOREVER YOUNG, among others. Now I´m working in the feature film The house -that obtained a Script Grant of the Comunity of Madrid in 2017 and was selected to participate in MADRIDCREALAB-, and also I work in the script of the feature film Las Bestias and in the series project Lady R. All of these projects are relate to my favorite genres: fantasy, sci-fi and horror.


If you want to know more about me, please contact!

Thanks for reading!

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