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Short Film (16:29)

Year of production: 2015

Sci-fi, Fantasty, Horror.

Written & Directed by Mónica Mateo.

Produced by: Lasdelcine, Hugo Serra, DosdeCatorce, Diestro & La última chica.

With the support of: Comunidad de Madrid, I.C.A.A. y Diputación de Córdoba.

Starring: Luis Bermejo, Maru Valdivielso Octavi Pujades.

Synopsis The earth, year 2984: The world has changed. Human beings have changed.
The envelope stuffer of one of the thousands tasks depots that fill the inside of the planet,

works tirelessly in what seems to be another day in his grey, drab, monitored and insignificant existence. But this is not another day. This is his worst nightmare.

More than eigthy national and international selections, as well as many award nominations

and awards. Click HERE to see in detail.

Rights acquired by PACIFIC VOICE for the territory of Japan.




























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